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HODL Definition Investopedia

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HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold," in the context of buying and holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's also commonly come to …

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HODL: What Does HODLing Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mean

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HODL is one of the most popularly used words in the cryptocurrency community today but its origins date back almost a decade at this point. Read the in-depth guide below on HODLing Bitcoin to learn all there is to know about where the term came from, and if it is a helpful suggestion for investors to follow.

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What Does HODL Mean? SoFi

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First, the basic hodl meaning can apply to a buy-and-hold strategy when talking about bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as well. Again, the idea is to “hold on for dear life” rather than selling off cryptocurrency in a panic if volatility increases. The second hodl meaning can refer to a specific type of cryptocurrency token called — what

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What Is ‘HODL’? Definition & 10 Other Crypto Slang Terms

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What does HODL mean? To Even Bitcoin, now a relatively stable cryptocurrency, still registers 10-20% moves in some days. Trying to beat the market by timing reversals is an expert’s game, and most newcomers to crypto are not experienced at doing that. HODLing thus becomes a safe play for such individuals and institutions looking for long

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What Is "HODL" In The Cryptocurrency World?

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The very first time the term HODL appeared on the Bitcoin talk forum was in 2013 and came from a member named GameKyuubi under the thread “I AM HODLING”. From the look of the post, he was drunk and wanted to convey the fact that he was holding his BTC despite the serious fall that had just happened.

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The Art Of The HODL Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News

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But hodl is more than just a simple misspelling of hold. In the 7 years since it was born, HODL has accrued deep meaning within the Bitcoin community. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a meme is worth ten thousand.” – Elon Musk. Being a bitcoin holder and being a bitcoin HODLer are not the same thing.

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HODL: The Meme Of Bitcoin Evolution Bitcoin Magazine

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HODL Is Proscriptive. To help see this, consider the “HODL” meme, which is perhaps one of the most well-known and long-standing memes in the Bitcoin community. The meme originates from a post from December 2013, entitled “I AM HODLING.”. In the post, the author, GameKyuubi, acknowledges and embraces the misspelling of

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What Does HODL Mean? Dollar Cost Bitcoin

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What does HODL mean? HODL is a phrase often used by bitcoin investors who refuse to sell their cryptocurrency regardless of its price. It is most often employed during bear markets when investors refuse to sell their coins despite declining value. HODL was subsequently repurposed as an abbreviation (backronym) for "Hold On for Dear Life

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What Is HODLing? Cryptocurrency HODL Explained Trading

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HODL Bitcoin means buying Bitcoin and storing it in your wallet for a long time without selling. The term can also be used to mean “Hold On for Dear Life” which loosely be translated to not selling your Bitcoin investment no matter how high the price goes.

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What Does Hodl Mean? UseTheBitcoin

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Hodl is not for everyone, but it could be very useful for many long-term investors. Origin of Hodl Term. There is a clear demand from users to know hodl definition. The term became very popular and knowing its origins is something that could give some more meaning to the question of what does hodl mean.

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What Does Bitcoin HODL Mean, And Should You Do It?

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What Does Bitcoin HODL Mean? If we put it in a simpler form, HODL actually means HOLD. In the Crypto world, HODL is to hold onto Cryptocurrency, despite the sharp market fluctuations. The term “HODL” has been used for several years in the finance and stock industry. On the other hand, when it comes to “hodling” in the Cryptocurrency

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HODL Definition In Bitcoin SimpleMoneyLyfe

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The term “HODL” is derived from a misspelling of “hold” that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. The term originated in 2013 on a web forum known as bitcointalk. A user named “GameKyuubi” posted a rant titled “ I AM HODLING ” to express his frustration with bitcoin falling 39% from $716 to

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HODL Meaning, Strategy, Pros, Cons, How It Works?

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However, the main point of involving oneself in bitcoin is taking advantage of the significant short-term changes in the value of bitcoin. Using HODL to double the deposit, for instance, is not uncommon. However, this might demand significantly more patience if the bitcoin value reduces considerably after buying it.

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Meaning Of Hodl And BTFD: Bitcoin Terms Defined

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Bitcoin slang, from shitcoin to BTFD, defined and explained. From hodl to DYOR to shitcoin, every word you need to know to fake your way through a …

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What Is HODL Bitcoin HODL Meaning & Definition

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What does HODL mean? Learn about this important Bitcoin slang term and how it has and will continue to affect the Bitcoin price. The hodl meaning explained and defined simply and clearly, including the origin of hodling and at what price the average hodler plans to sell.

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What Is HODL? Hodl Meaning – BitcoinWiki

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In 2017, Quartz (news website listed it as one of the essential slang terms in Bitcoin culture, and described it as a stance, "to stay invested in bitcoin and not to capitulate in the face of plunging prices"crypto HODL – Wikipedia. The HODLer Manifesto . This manifesto hosted on GitHub Pages and consist of 8 rules:

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What Is Hodl? What Does The Hodl Strategy Mean? By

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Another concept that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors who implement the Hodl strategy are familiar with is the term “Diamond Hands. When we look at what diamond hands are, it is seen that this term, which came out of the classical financial world, is used to mean that investor holds the crypto asset that has invested decisively and

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What Does The Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Term 'Hodl' Mean? Quora

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Answer (1 of 3): It was originally a misspelling of “hold” from a crypto forum (on December 18, 2013) of an excited crypto trader talking about buying and “holding” crypto as a long term strategy. Some folks have also extrapolated it to an acronym for “Hold on …

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Crypto Trader Who Nailed Bitcoin Bottom In 2018 Unveils

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The crypto trader who accurately predicted Bitcoin's lowest point during the 2018 bear market believes that BTC will record new all-time highs this year despite its bearish price action over the last two months.

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Bitcoin Realized HODL Ratio. A New OnChain Indicator For

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Market Cycles: Realized HODL Ratio uses it’s 1–2yr HODL period as a base time period to compare short term activity against. Therefore it relies on Bitcoin continuing to grow in a broadly consistent manner over time. While this is likely for the next 3-5 years due to halving effects and adoption rates, nothing is guaranteed.

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HODL Bitcoin Meaning, Origin And Why It Matters

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What Hodl Doesn’t Mean. Many seem to believe that hodl is an acronym – H.O.D.L – which spells out “hold on for dear life.” This and other theories behind the term hodl and its meaning are wrong. They are just part of the legend behind that drunken post on BitcoinTalk. HODL: Changing the Way we See Bitcoin and the Way we Talk!

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What Does HODL Mean In Stocks? Investment Acronym Explained

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What does HODL mean in stocks, trading and cryptocurrency conversations? Along with FUD, it comes up when people talk about bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin and ether. We look into the meaning of HODL. What does HODL mean in stocks? When discussing stocks and investments, HODL is an acronym standing for “Hold On for Dear Life”.

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What Does Hodl Mean In Crypto? 3 Reasons To Hodl Your

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Hodl is a cryptocurrency strategy in which, as the name implies, traders are “hodling on for dear life.”. This means that a trader needs to restrict themselves from selling the cryptocurrency token, even in extremely volatile times in terms of its value.

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What Does HODL Mean In Crypto? The Face

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So what does HODL mean? While it’s used by some people as an acronym for Hold On (For) Dear Life, it actually just means hold – don’t buy more for now, but don’t sell what you have. Generally, the term is only really used in the crypto world, where prices are super flaky and can drastically change at any point.

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The Bitcoin HODL Trap

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The Bitcoin HODL Trap. There's going to be a point very soon during this bull run and perhaps some people have already reached it; where they have made giant profits in cryptocurrency. For many people; this will be an amount of money that they never dreamed possible for them to achieve. It will be life-changing amounts for them.

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What Does HODL Mean, Exactly? Cade Hildreth

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HODL is widely used cryptocurrency slang that represents the word “HOLD” with the last two letters swapped. It emerged as an iconic misspelling of the word “HOLD”. The term HODL first appeared in 2013 in a form called “BitcoinTalk” when a decision by the Chinese government caused the price of Bitcoin to plummet overnight.

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What Does Hodl Mean? : Bitcoin

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It means hold. As in, hold on to your bitcoin, don't sell. hodl stands for Hold On for Dear Life. I read another post that said hodl was a reddit users typo that stuck. It was from a Bitcointalk typo IIRC but doesn't necessarily mean hold on for dear life, just kind of conveniently works out as a "close"ish acronym.

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What Does Hodl Mean? Hodl Or Not Hodl You Bitcoin Phemex

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What Does HODL Mean? If you’re new to cryptocurrency, have googled Bitcoin, or frequently look at Twitter, then you’ve probably read the phrase HODL, HODL Bitcoin, or HODL your crypto. Essentially, it means to “hold on and never sell” or “hold on for dear life.”. Interestingly, at the end of his post GameKyuubi made an eye-catching

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What Does HODL Mean? • Where Did It Come From? • Benzinga

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Bitcoin historically dips over 80% in bear markets before returning past its all-time highs, and this is why many crypto investors simply HODL. Answer Link answered 2021-02-11

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Bitcoin Wikipedia

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Bitcoin (₿) is a decentralized digital currency, without a central bank or single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.The cryptocurrency was invented in 2008 by an …

Code: BTC, XBT
Precision: 10−8
Plural: bitcoins

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Hodl Meaning The History Of Hodling Kraken

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HODL Day: The Official Hodl Holiday December 18 is HODL Day. HODL Day is the official celebration of HODL, as an ode to the date of GameKyuubi’s bitcointalk post on December 18.. Thanks to GameKyuubi, hodlers around the world who lack technical skills for short-term trades gather to celebrate his message and trading strategy on December 18 for HODL Day.

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Hodl Meaning: Elon Musk Tweets Crypto Slang Amid Bitcoin

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Hodl Meaning: Elon Musk Tweets Crypto Slang Amid Bitcoin, Dogecoin Price Volatility Bitcoin went down by more than 20 percent across a week and Ethereum, the second-most valuable

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What Is HODL In Crypto? The True Meaning Of HODL. StormGain

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HODL means long-term cryptocurrency storage. Initially, this term originated from the misspelling of the word "Hold", as holding is a strategy for buying and storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for an extended period (from several months to several years).

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How To Hodl: Guide To Saving In Bitcoin Exodus

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Hodling Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange is one of the riskiest things you can do with your money. Just look at what happened in Turkey, where an exchange owner ran off with $2 billion worth of his customer’s deposits. 3) Think long term . By definition, to hodl crypto you need to keep the investment for a long time.

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What Does "SAFU" & “HODL” Mean In Crypto World? [2021]

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HODL – “Hold on for dear life.” HODL is a very popular backronym in the cryptosphere that became popular because of someone’s typo for the word ‘HOLD’ and here is the backstory of it: First, the world HOLD appeared on BitcoinTalk Form in December 2013 when a drunk Bitcoin Talk user wrote the following post:

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What Is HODL Meaning In Crypto World ? You Should Know

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HODL meaning cryptocurrency community for holding the cryptocurrency without selling it. This word is first used as an accident but later HODL meaning crypto favorite mantra . It is mainly used in relation to holding Bitcoin but now it is also used to describe holding other cryptocurrencies and tokens like Ethereum.

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Long Term HODL The Best Investment

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin - Long Term HODL The Best Investment. Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to take a look at Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and why it should be your number one asset to get over the next few years! Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

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Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin And Ethereum May Be The Best

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Although Bitcoin is 50% below its all-time high at the time of writing (January 2022), It is believed that it will see an even bigger increase by the end of

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HODL Meaning • Cryptocurrency Lingo Explained • Blocklr

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Hodl Meaning in Crypto Community Since that fateful post in 2013, hodl has entered the crypto lexicon. In fact, Quartz said that the term is a must-know for anyone who wants to be “taken seriously as a bitcoin trader.”

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For Bitcoin, HODLing Is The Best Strategy With One Big

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While it hasn’t been a direct path—prices tumbled to $183 by Aug. 18, 2015, before staging a massive rally —i f the person who coined HODL had $10,000 invested in Bitcoin at that time, it

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What Does 'Hodl' Mean? The Bitcoin Meme Causing A Storm On

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Hodl your coins. Bitcoin has seen a flood of interest over the past few days, as newcomers buy in and the cryptocurrency reaches new heights.

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HODL Meaning What Does HODL Mean In Cryptocurrency?

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HODL Meaning Certainly, most of the users assume that the term "hodl" is a misspelling of the word "hold". But it’s not. It first appeared exclusively in a Bitcoin talk forum in 2013 in a post named "I AM HODLING" from a user named GameKyuubi— a Japanese crypto community member. HODL meaning, essentially means; “Hold on for dear life”.

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What does Hodl mean in crypto?

HODL = HOLD. “HODL” is a cryptocurrency -related slang that stands for the word “hold” misspelled. It often refers to retaining crypto assets that you own for an extended period, even throughout a highly volatile market movement. “Hodl” is meant to encourage people to not impulsively sell when a cryptocurrency drops dramatically or ...

What is "HODL" in the cryptocurrency world?

Although they have been surging in popularity this year, non-fungible tokens or NFTs have been around as long as cryptocurrency ... are determined to use the profits earned to better the world through their Crypto Gang charity. Crypto Gang is a collection ...

What is HODL in investing?

CALEB SILVER: Absolutely. And Bitcoin is obviously the thing that people trade and where the money is if you want to be an investor right now. But the blockchain and what's happening with the blockchain across industries, especially our industry guys, finance is going to be big.

What is HODL in stock?

| Definition & 10 Other Crypto Slang Terms Explained

  • Introduction. If you are new to cryptocurrency, trying to find your way around the complex blockchain scene but find that you are often sidelined from conversations, it could be that ...
  • History of HODLing. The term ‘HODL’ has a rather interesting origin. ...
  • Understanding the HODL Strategy. ...
  • 10 other crypto slang terms to know. ...
  • Final thoughts. ...

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