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Claymore's ZCash/BTG AMD GPU Miner. Bitcoin Forum

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Claymore's ZCash/BTG AMD GPU Miner. ===== Latest version v12.6: - added Vega cards support (ASM mode). - added ASM mode for RX460/560 cards (+20% speed). "Your bitcoin is secured in a way that is physically impossible for others to access, no matter for what reason, no matter how good the excuse, no matter a majority of miners, no matter

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Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner V15.0

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Testing it right now on 2x390 + old cpu and mobo, Windows 7 x64, 15.12. Clocks 1100/1250 undervolted -100mV. I must say I am amazed. Eth is just a bit faster reporting steady 30.95MH per card, on top of that I am getting 0.464GH (1.9GH with sgminer) dcr per GPU.

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View The Profile Of Claymore

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Please read Readme and FAQ in the first post of this thread before asking any questions, probably the answer is already there. List of my miners: https://bitcointalk

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PhoenixMiner 5.9d: Fastest Ethereum/Ethash Bitcoin Forum

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Claymore has gained so much popularity and credit which won't let the users bother trying a new miner program, unless it is way faster, better, feature-rich. There are so many obstacles for your miner program to enter the competition, like …

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Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Bitcoin Forum

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Claymore's Dual Ethereum mining program is one of the most beautiful and most popular programs I've dealt with and it is very popular, it is fast and easy to use and you can do the settings easily and you can use it to mine many coins in addition to Dual mining.

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Bitcoin Forum Index

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Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections.

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Claymore Megathread On Bitcointalk? : Gpumining

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Claymore Megathread on bitcointalk? I am getting back into mining and I usually download the newest claymore from the megathread on bitcointalk but its not there anymore what happened to it? 2 comments. share. save. hide. report. 50% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA Bitcoin Insider

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Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v15.0. As both Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are getting close to Epoch 299 (the currently supported one by the previous Claymore miners) Claymore has released an updated miner for Ethash with the new version 15.0 supporting up to Epoch 384.

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Crypto Miner / Wallet Downloads Blocked By Chrome

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Some miners for example Claymore has to be downloaded from Mega link. It may seem suspicious but the link can be found on their official Bitcoin Talk page. In most cases stick to open source miner / wallets. Also if you download the file from official or reliable source then you don’t have to worry about the warning.

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The Ethlargement Pill GTX 1080TI @ 50 Mh/s Is It Legit?

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OhGodAnETHlargementPill is a tool that is said to increase GTX 1080, GTX 1080 TI and Titan XP hashrate on Ethereum mining. This tool was released a week ago on Bitcoin Talk and we know this is too late to be posted now. Initially when we came through this tool we thought it’s a joke or may be a scam and we never bothered to share it here.

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GitHub Todxx/teamredminer: AMD GPU Optimized

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teamredminer v0.9.0. This is an optimized miner for AMD GPUs and Xilinx FPGAs created by todxx and kerney666. Download is available in the github releases section.. TRM official website: TRM discord server: Below is a list of mining operating systems and management software that have built-in support for teamredminer:

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Mining Software Getting Blocked And Removed By Antivirus

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altcoins bitcoin bitcoin talk ccminer claymore cold storage cryptocurrency hardware wallet mining nsgminer private key sgminer virus coinguides Follow on Twitter January 27, 2018 1 22,840

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Download Claymore Dual Miner 15.0 (Ethereum AMD/NVIDIA)

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Step 2: Review a batch file for starting Claymore Dual Miner setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0 setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -eworker YOUR_RIG_NAME -ewal …

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Blockchain Drivers For Mining AMD Radeon RX470/570/480/580

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If you use the latest versions of the Claymore’s Miner and Phoenix Miner utilities, then by installing the August drivers of last year, you can get the maximum hash rate without flashing the BIOS of AMD video cards. Donate Bitcoin to this address. Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some Bitcoin. COPY.

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How To Set Up And Run Claymore's Miner Crypto Mining Blog

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How to Start Ethereum Mining from Scratch. On 2Miners, there is a Quick Start option that has everything you need – download ready to go version of Claymore’s Miner (archive password – 2miners) and launch /ETHASH/eth-pool.bat. TL;DR If you don’t want to read the whole article, then the last option is for you.

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Releases · ClaymoreDual/ClaymoreDualMiner · GitHub

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Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v14.4 (Windows/Linux) improved mining speed for Nvidia cards by about 1% (depends on card model). Note that dual mining for Nvidia cards suffers from this optimization, use old versions if you use dual mining on Nvidia cards. a bit reduced intensity of all Nvidia straps.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Drivers On Nvidia And AMD Video

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To do this, it’s easiest to press the key combination “ Win + r "On the keyboard and in the window that opens, enter the command" devmgmt.msc ". </p>. In the device manager window, double-click on " Video adapters ". The drop-down list will show all the installed video cards in the system.

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How To Choose And Setup A Cryptocurrency Miner Crypto

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Claymore’s Miner. Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Miner supports both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. The latest version is 15.0. The developers urge to upgrade to 15.0, because it supports Epoch 384. It means that miners will be able to mine Ethereum using GPUs with 4 GB of RAM. It is impossible if you use older versions.

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Windows ETHO Mining Guide (Claymore) Etho Protocol Library

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A simple guide detailing how to mine ETHO on Windows using the Claymore miner. Below there is an example batch file, for more arguments / detail on setting up a batch file, please reference the bitcoin talk thread. There are also a number …

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How To Setup EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner: StepbyStep

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Also, it is regularly updated with the results posted on Bitcoin Talk. Let’s talk about EWBF’s special features and settings. If you are interested in the review and setup of Claymore’s Dual Ethereum GPU Miner, you can find them here .

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Releases · NebuTech/NBMiner · GitHub

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feature: ergo new LHR mode for mining ERGO, enable it by manually adding -lhr option. Same as LHR mode in ethash, -lhr value represents expected hashrate to reach value percent of non-LHR GPU's hashrate, supports comma-seperated list to indicate -lhr value for each GPU, and -lhr -1 to disable.; For GPUs with Hynix GDDR6 memory, LHR mode is not …

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Fatal Error: Debugger Detected On Claymore Miner : EtherMining

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Claymore is no longer getting updates. I recommend Phoenix miner. Very similar to claymore but up to date. Check Bitcoin talk forum for dl. 1. Share. Report Save. level 2. Op · 8m. sweet, thank you! 1. Share. Report Save. level 2. Op · 8m. Alright …

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PhoenixMiner: StepbyStep Guide For Beginners Crypto

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PhoenixMiner is a miner for Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash) algorithm cryptocurrencies. First of all, they are Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, MOAC, and other popular coins. The program works with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. According to the developers, it’s the fastest Ethereum/Ethash miner with the lowest fee.

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CryptoTalk.Org Bitcoin Forum Биткоин форум

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Та да, пока ещё далеко не все к этому дошли, но вот эти люди теряют деньги только для того чтобы мы могли заработать, потому что если никто не будет допускать ошибки, то тогда и не будет на ком зарабатывать.

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Bitcoin Mining With 15 Lines Of Python Code Python

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Mine the bitcoin with 15 lines of python code. In this video I will show you how exactly bitcoin mining works and we will write simple python program (less

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Download Latest Version Of Claymore Dual Miner [Amd/Nvidia

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Latest version is v15.0 MD5: 8A710D577798BF347FDB2C8A45129941 *Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v15.0 - (Download for Linux)

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Phoenix Miner Nanopool Help Center

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PhoenixMiner is an Ethash miner that supports both AMD and Nvidia cards. It runs under Windows x64 and Linux x64 and has a build-in fee of 0.65%.

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CoinSwitch Cryptocurrency Exchange In India

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Best Prices. We enable you to trade in cryptocurrencies at the best price. Trust. More than 1 crore Indians have put their faith in us and carried out ₹1,00,000 crores in trade. Buy . Sell . Trade. CoinSwitch Kuber enables you to buy, sell and trade 80+ cryptocurrencies in …

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Downloads Bminer

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16.4.7¶. Support Ethereum mining on AMD RDNA GPUs (e.g. 5700) Enable LHR mode to unlock part of the performance of LHR GPUs (e.g. GTX3060) Improve energy efficiency for Ethereum on the Polaris/Vega architecture

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Bitcoin Mining Tutorial Binance

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Bitcoin is a type of P2P-based virtual encrypted digital currency. Bitcoin uses a SHA256 encryption algorithm and has a total of 21 million blocks. Typically, one block is generated every 10 minutes and the reward is cut in half every 210,000 blocks. Presently, most mining pools distribute transaction fees to miners in addition to block rewards.

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NEWS FLASH: New Version Of Claymore’s ZCash Miner V8.0

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The latest version of Claymore’s ZCash (ZEC) miner is out (v8.0) ! Hashrates have improved, Again! We are talking about up to 15 to 25% increase in hashrate on top of the V7.0 update. (From Claymore) Latest version v8.0: – improved speed by about 15-25% (depends on card model). Up to 300H/s on stock 390X. – added “-i 5” and “-i 6

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MiniZ Miner Definitive Guide Crypto Mining Blog

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miniZ Miner Definitive Guide. April 8, 2019. This April the crypto market has experienced some serious growth. All cryptocurrencies have increased in value. Even the world’s top ten have risen above 50% in one day. So now mining looks all fresh and exciting. To help with it, there is miniZ – a miner for Equihash 144.5, 192.7 and 96.5.

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8 Best GPU For Mining Which Card To Choose In 2021

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Bitcoin Mining with a GPU. Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market. It goes without saying that it draws the most interest when it comes to mining. But even the best GPU for mining isn’t good enough for Bitcoin.

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Mining Programs: How To Choose The Best Software Un 2020

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Mining software Claymore's Dual Miner. Claymore is an open source cryptocurrency mining software. Work with graphics cards AMD and Nvidia is provided. Many miners believe that this software is suitable for efficient Ethereum mining. A distinctive feature of …

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GitHub ClaymoreDual/ClaymoreDualMiner: Download

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Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v15.0 (Windows/Linux) We put our souls into the development of the Claymore Dual Miner! Claymore today used by thousands of satisfied users. So, thank you so much for joining us! Claymore Miner is high performance Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens miner, with the official full Windows / Linux …

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How To Fix No AMD OpenCL Or Nvidia CUDA GPUs Found Error

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PC Intel Parts List:* Asus RTX 3070 Tuf* i7 10700F* DDR4 3200Mhz HyperX h

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Ethereum (ETH) Stock Price, Quote Claymore Dual Miner

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Latest version is v15.0 MD5: 8A710D577798BF347FDB2C8A45129941 *Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v15.0 - (Download for Linux)

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Frequently Asked Questions On Binance Bitcoin Exchange

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Minerstat:A professional remote crypto mining software stack with dedicated mining OS and mining apps for Windows and ASIC machines.Minerstat covers all the important features such as a built-in mining calculator, benchmark, profit switching, diagnostics, and dozens of other tools that make the mining manager's job easier.

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How To Mine Ethereum (ETH) – A Complete Guide Blockchain

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After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the 2nd most common cryptocurrency. It was the 1st cryptocurrency to integrate “smart contracts” and has the 2nd biggest market valuation in the entire cryptocurrency industry. The sustainability of Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is dependent on the processes of miners entrusted with validating and verifying new

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of Claymore dual miner?

The current latest (as of Summer 2019) is Claymore Dual Miner 15.0. The Claymore Dual Miner download requires about 12,7 Mb of disk space; keep it on your machine! Downloading Click Download Now. The following page will appear in your browser.

What is the latest version of Claymore for Ethereum?

Latest version is v15.0 MD5: 8A710D577798BF347FDB2C8A45129941 *Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v15.0 - (Download for Linux) Password: claymore Download Now (Windows x64) (mirror) Community Blog GitHub YouTube Reddit Gitter Twitter Stack Exchange Facebook Meetups Developer Resources What is Ether?

What is the best dual Ethereum + decred / siacoin / Lbry miner?

Claymore's Dual Ethereum + Decred/Siacoin/Lbry/Pascal/Blake2s/Keccak AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner. - now miner supports up to #384 epoch (4GB DAG size).

How to mine Ethereum Classic with BitcoinTalk?

Download The Miner from Bitcointalk and extract the archive to any folder. To change the configuration, open start_miner_etc.bat file and replace the values Open file and replace the values YOUR_WALLET - your valid Ethereum Classic address.

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